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Male garment workers operating sewing machines, India

Read our easy-to-digest digest briefings on some of the key challenges we are tackling.

A living wage for workers

A living wage for workers

A wage you can afford to live on - still elusive for many workers.
Women workers

Empowering women workers

The majority of workers, yet among the most vulnerable
Changing company purchasing practices

Company purchasing practices

Suppliers are responsible for providing good working conditions. But their efforts can sometimes be undermined by their customers' buying practices.
Auditing working conditions

Auditing working conditions

The rush by companies to audit their suppliers has led to a culture of deception
Child labour

Child labour

An estimated 211 million children around the world work.
Fairtrade products. Photo: Marcus Lyons

Ethical trade and fairtrade

There's often confusion about the difference between ethical trade and fairtrade - but the two are complementary
Trade union rights

Union rights at work

"We don't need a union here - all our workers are happy!"
Workers that make the clothes sold in the UK are often migrants

Migrant workers

"We are the people at the lowest level of society"
Around 33 million people worldwide live with HIV

HIV at work

90% of people with HIV go to work. What should companies do?
Yellow roses

The flower industry

Women flower workers are seeing some benefit from ethical trade