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UK pound coins

What does a National Living Wage really mean?

Written by Sabita Banerji on July 23rd 2015

On Monday, the Guardian announced “Ikea adopts the living wage for UK staff”. On the same day, a BBC report said “Ikea to pay UK workers more than living wage”. So who got it wrong?
Banana workers, Ecuador

Where there's a political will...

Written by Alistair Smith on July 16th 2015

When it comes to making living wages a reality for all salaried workers, Ecuador provides a model which other countries would do well to emulate.
Waterloo led to plans for model workplaces

Waterloo and ethical trade

Written by Stirling Smith on June 14th 2015

Stirling Smith finds that 1815, and the peace brought about by Waterloo, was a great year for ethical trade with plans developed for model workplaces.

Building trust in Tamil Nadu’s garment sector

Written by Esme Gibbins on June 11th 2015

Trust and confidence; these two words are so important to our work within Tamil Nadu’s garment and textiles sector.