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Construction site, India

Two paths for labour law in India

Written by Stirling Smith on May 19th 2015

If you source from India, keep an eye on labour law changes. Stirling Smith wonders which way India will go.
Sunlight soap factory, 1897. Photo: English Heritage

A glimpse into the history of ethical trade

Written by Stirling Smith on May 13th 2015

Stirling Smith digs into the archives and finds that the campaign for ethical trade was very active a century ago.
Archbishop of York


Written by Sabita Banerji on May 8th 2015

Sabita Banerji gets to the heart of the Living wage issue, and reports on the rallying cry from the Archbishop of York at the recent ETI and Global Compact Network UK’s living wage conference.
Former child labourer, India

What would loosen the roots of labour exploitation in supply chains?

Written by Rachel Wilshaw on March 27th 2015

Forced labour is a symptom of a wider malaise facing workers in global supply chains. Governance gaps and skewed business structures are exacerbating inequality and must be tackled for workers to be properly protected.