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Who bears the cost of cheap food?

Written by Fiona Gooch on September 1st 2014

Traidcraft promotes international trade being undertaken in a way which reduces poverty in developing countries. Ideally workers and farmers contributing to international supply chains develop skills and earn an income that contributes to their family’s household income to pay for shelter, food, water, health, education as well as money for other household needs and emergencies. However in the worst cases, workers’ lives, limbs, and health are put at risk, as highlighted by recent Dispatches programme 'Supermarkets: Real Price of Cheap Food', which covered UK working conditions within supply chains serving the UK market.
Agriculture workers, UK

Happy Birthday to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Written by Stirling Smith on July 31st 2014

The 40th birthday of the Health and Safety at Work Act makes Stirling Smith reflect on the continuing problem of deaths, injuries and ill health at work in ETI members' supply chains.

One in a million - or why are UK employers getting away with third world conditions?

Written by Stirling Smith on July 20th 2014

Some recent reports reveal that problems with ETI members’ supply chains are not only found abroad, writes Stirling Smith.

Death of a worker

Written by Stirling Smith on July 4th 2014

A small news story tucked away on the back page of a Dhaka newspaper should remind us of why we need ethical trade urgently, thinks Stirling Smith, ETI trainer, writing from Dhaka.