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A white dove in flight

10 New Year's resolutions to prevent modern slavery

Written by Cindy Berman on December 23rd 2014

The UK has shown admirable commitment and leadership in its ambition to be a global leader in combating modern slavery. But it’s not there yet, says ETI Head of Knowledge & Learning, Cindy Berman.

A visit to Coimbatore

Written by Martin Buttle on December 22nd 2014

South India's thriving garment sector faces a number of labour rights issues. ETI Apparel and Textiles Category Leader, Martin Buttle, looks at how we're working with local stakeholders to drive change for workers.
Children learning at one of Manjari's 'Bridge Camps'

Beltrami and the fight against child labour in India

Written by Bram Callewier on December 18th 2014

With poor access to education and healthcare, there's no overnight fix to child labour in India's stone sector. Bram Callewier of Beltrami gives a candid account of their efforts to tackle the problem.

Who’s responsible for paying living wages?

Written by Sabita Banerji on December 12th 2014

Are big brands really responsible for the payment of living wages? Sabita Banerji looks at who should take which actions in order to boost workers' pay.