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Female garment workers, Tamil Nadu, India | Photo: Sabita Banerji

Greater confidence for young Tamil Nadu cotton mill workers

Written by Sabita Banerji on November 24th 2015

Young female mill workers are learning to stand up for their rights in a local spinning mill that produces thread for the world's garment production.
Oxfam Behind the Brands scorecard

How the Behind the Brands campaign has driven change in corporate policies

Written by Rachel Wilshaw on November 9th 2015

What are the key elements that have led to the changes attributed to Oxfam's successful benchmarking campaign?
Women workers organising, Tanzania

Why trade unions are a good thing

Written by Stirling Smith on November 6th 2015

Helping unions to organise would give a boost to the British economy of nearly £30 billion.
Female agricultural worker, Tanzania

Stay standing if you are in work but trapped in poverty

Written by Sabita Banerji on November 6th 2015

This Living Wage Week we reflect on why so many people around the world are still trapped in poverty despite being in work.