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Children learning at one of Manjari's 'Bridge Camps'

Beltrami and the fight against child labour in India

Written by Bram Callewier on December 18th 2014

With poor access to education and healthcare, there's no overnight fix to child labour in India's stone sector. Bram Callewier of Betrami gives a candid account of their efforts to tackle the problem.

Who’s responsible for paying living wages?

Written by Sabita Banerji on December 12th 2014

Are big brands really responsible for the payment of living wages? Sabita Banerji looks at who should take which actions in order to boost workers' pay.

Modern slavery: If I had a hammer

Written by Cindy Berman on December 11th 2014

The Modern Slavery Bill was debated in the House of Lords this week and ETI was mentioned several times. Cindy Berman shares our new Briefing Note, and looks at what needs to change to prevent and protect workers from the crime of modern slavery

A Christmas riddle

Written by Stirling Smith on December 10th 2014

Stirling Smith is puzzled that companies don’t want to save money, and makes you an offer you can’t refuse.