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Tea worker, picking leaves

Living wage – the price of a decent cuppa?

Written by Rachel Wilshaw on April 4th 2014

What would be a sufficient wage for Malawi’s tea pluckers to live on?

Living wage – it takes policy, pricing and participation

Written by Sabita Banerji on April 4th 2014

Since wages are driven by multiple factors, ETI's Sabita Banerji focuses on the critical three that need to be tackled.

Green bananas

Fairtrade: celebrating the first 20 years. What’s next?

Written by Rachel Wilshaw on March 14th 2014

Rachel Wilshaw, Oxfam’s Ethical Trade Manager looks back on the astonishing 20 year rise of Fairtrade. And asks if it's time the UK government intervened on banana pricing.

Migrant women to work in freedom

Written by Cindy Berman on March 7th 2014

Marking International Women's Day, how best to achieve safe migration into decent jobs for poor women?