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Preparing roses for export in a pack house in Kenya

Supplier treatment: why Tesco and other supermarkets need to integrate business and ethics

Written by Rachel Wilshaw on February 4th 2016

The actions large companies take to source their products have direct implications for workers in their supply chains.
Migrant workers working on a Thai boat, Samut Sakhon, Thailand.

Modern slavery reporting: what you need to know about your risks

Written by Stuart Bell on February 3rd 2016

What will companies required to make a modern slavery statement include in it? It will be a bold consumer-facing brand that chooses to make only a minimal disclosure.
Made in Turkey icon

Sourcing clothing in Turkey where Syrian refugees are vulnerable to exploitation

Written by Martin Buttle on February 1st 2016

How responsible brands take action to protect migrant workers in their supply chains
Supply chain management wordcloud

Paying suppliers promptly: learning lessons from the Tesco investigation

Written by Jane Moyo on January 28th 2016

Tesco has apologised and is implementing Grocery Code Adjudicator rulings, but all sourcing companies must sit up and take notice.
Garment factory workers, Uzbekistan. Photo: ILO

Effective human capital management, the key to long-term corporate success

Written by Martina Macpherson on January 25th 2016

Martina Macpherson tells us about the growing importance investors place on social factors and impact.
Woman grape picker in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Four ethical trade issues forcing their way onto the 2016 public agenda

Written by Jane Moyo on January 20th 2016

Modern slavery, trafficking, the living wage, and labour exploitation of refugees: from Syria to Thailand here’s four stories we predict will be debated this year.

Slavery: why it's on the increase

Written by Stirling Smith on January 11th 2016

Slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking mean that products of Modern Slavery could be in your wardrobe and on your table.

An Ethical Insights blog: the role of investors in driving better working standards

Written by Lisa Nathan on December 21st 2015

Lisa Nathan of ShareAction tells ETI how ethical investment can benefit workers.