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Benchmarks: do they drive change for the benefit of workers, and if so, how?

Written by Phil Bloomer on October 6th 2015

Phil Bloomer on how benchmarks can play a powerful role in encouraging companies and governments to respect human rights by driving a ‘race to the top’.
Female garment workers in a factory, Myanmar

What does due diligence mean in Myanmar?

Written by Mirvette Russo on September 28th 2015

How would you carry out due diligence in a source country where none of the usual audit agencies were operating on the ground and where a minimum wage rate has just been set?
Shoe factory, Ethiopia

Will Ethiopia be the new Bangladesh?

Written by Keren Long on September 14th 2015

Ethical Apparel Africa's Keren Long sees opportunities to build a better garment industry.
Thousands of burnt out cars, Tianjin. China

Can China ever be safe?

Written by Stirling Smith on September 14th 2015

Following the explosion in Tianjin, Stirling Smith asks can workers in China ever be safe?