ETI trainers

Trainer - Elaine Jones

Elaine Jones

Elaine is an independent consultant and trainer with extensive experience in international development, fair trade and ethical supply chain management. A former ETI Board member, she worked at The Body Shop International for 10 years and currently provides assessment and advisory services to companies and NGOs.

Jenni Edwards

Jenni is an internationally experienced sustainability consultant. During her career she has worked with a variety of different organisations and brands at all levels - From the boardroom to the factory floor. Having worked in Asia and Australia she is now based in the UK. Jenni has over decade of international ethical trade, CSR and social audit experience across all sectors. 

Linda Shaw

Linda has extensive experience in both education and research involving global supply chains and international development. She has worked for universities, NGOs and international agencies.

Louise Herring

Louise Herring is an ethical trade and human rights specialist with over fourteen years' experience working for private, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations. She has run her own consultancy firm since 2015, predominantly working for global retailers and suppliers. She designed and delivered Sainsbury's ethical trade strategy between 2010 and 2014 for over 2,500 global food and non-food suppliers and has also worked for Comic Relief, Accenture, Marie Stopes International and the World Economic Forum. 

Muriel Johnson

Muriel Johnson is an ethical trade specialist with over 16 years experience in the field of ethical supply chain management. She spent 7 years working for a well known high street retailer as their social compliance manager and created an ethical supply chain management programme which has since earned that organisation many awards and accolades for sustainable retailing. Prior to that she lived and worked in Asia for 5 years, seeing on the ground many of the issues we all face in global supply chains. She uses her experience to teach others, working with retailers and brands to up-skill and train suppliers, buyers, technologists and senior managers.

Steve Homer

Steve Homer has extensive experience in fresh produce and was actively involved in the ETI food group, as well as being   a former ETI board member. He has detailed knowledge of ETI Base Code implementation overseas on issues such as freedom of association in Colombia and child labour with African small farmers.

Steve is a trainer with extensive commercial and technical field experience and currently works as a consultant in areas ranging from standards benchmarking through to international development.

Stirling Smith

Independent consultant

Stirling Smith was active in trade union education in the UK before moving to India where he lived for several years and was a Chief Technical Adviser for the International Labour Organisation. Stirling has worked as a consultant with DFID, British Council, Fair Labour Association, trade unions, NGOs and several companies. He has written training manuals, delivered training, advised on policy and designed projects.

His areas of expertise include child labour, the impact of HIV/AIDS in the workplace, migrant labour, social dialogue and industrial relations, health and safety at work and co-operatives.