Remedy in Supply Chains

12/12/2017 -
10:00 to 12:30
ETI office
8 Coldbath Square
London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Member-only event

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ETI has commissioned background research papers to drive discussion and debate within its membership and wider stakeholders on how to improve grievance mechanisms and access to remedy in global supply chains. These are focused on how to ensure effective remedy is provided to victims and how to measure performance of grievance mechanisms and remedial processes.

Download draft ETI papers on grievance mechanisms and other remedy issues.


  • Present evidence and analysis of emerging good practices where companies have been pro-active in working with unions, NGO’s and others to identify and address issues, and to provide remedy for rights violations in supply chain settings;
  • Introduce ETI’s new benchmarks on effective remedy for workers;
  • The role of trade unions in providing access to remedy, in developing operational grievance mechanisms, and the effectiveness of global framework agreements.
  • Discuss and review evidence of good practices;
  • Provide reflections on processes and methodologies in the design and successful application of mechanisms and remedial processes;
  • Determine how best to measure impacts on workers.

Outcomes: ETI is developing practical recommendations for companies which will help define best practice on grievance mechanisms and remedy in supply chains. We also hope to identify potential opportunities for development of multi-stakeholder, collaborative grievance mechanisms going forward.