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Edible horticulture worker, Tanzania

Workers' issues can be effectively tackled through joint action among companies, suppliers, trade unions and voluntary organisations.
Our programmes focus on particular supply chains where there are good opportunities to improve working conditions through collaboration among our members.

Hand-finished textiles

Garments from Bangladesh

Collaborative stakeholder engagement around garment sourcing hubs

Women working in a garment factory, India

Garments and textiles, India

Supporting young women workers in Tamil Nadu and beyond

Shoe making factory, China

Footwear from China

Footwear programme in the Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces of China

The Indian National Homeworker Group

Indian National Homeworker Group

Improving security and skills for Indian homeworkers


Edible horticulture from Peru

Improving conditions in fruit and vegetable supply chains of UK supermarkets

Farmed shrimps from Thailand

Farmed shrimps from Thailand

Improving conditions in the farmed shrimp supply chains of UK supermarkets

Supervisor, Kenya

Supervisor training, South Africa

Helping fruit, flowers and wine suppliers promote equal treatment of workers

Bangles from India

Costume jewellery from India

Improving conditions for workers in the north, National Capital and Uttar Pradesh

Toy factory

Plastic toys from China

Toys and other plastic products manufactured in Guangdong province

Wooden furniture from Vietnam

Outdoor and indoor furniture from south-eastern Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City

Sandstone quarry, Rajasthan, India

Sandstone from Rajasthan, India

Tackling working conditions in the natural sandstone export industry