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Homeworker project resource downloads


Homeworker guidelines for retailers254.29 KB
Homeworker guidelines for suppliers272.43 KB
Homeworker leaflet for contractors - spread July 20101.35 MB
Homeworker leaflet for contractors - 4 pages July 20101.45 MB
Homeworkers and homeworking178.02 KB
Business case for retailers146.72 KB
Business case for retailers (Word)194 KB
Business case for suppliers126.23 KB
Business case for suppliers (Word)170.5 KB
Working with trade unions135.46 KB
Mapping homeworkers247.99 KB
Homework convention122.9 KB
Sources of info on homeworkers190.33 KB
Case study - Monsoon192.75 KB
Case study - Boden145.55 KB
About the guidelines129.47 KB
ETI model homeworker policy36.85 KB
ETI model homeworker policy (Word)97.5 KB
JL homeworker Policy76.67 KB
Monsoon homeworker policy30.47 KB
Primark homeworker policy95.42 KB
ETI supplier questionnaire for mapping.pdf43.62 KB
ETI supplier questionnaire for mapping.doc108 KB
Primark homeworker tracking form India.pdf41.35 KB
Monsoon mapping form.pdf45.14 KB
Next India sub-contractor form.pdf47.09 KB
ETI model log book.pdf25.56 KB
ETI model log book.doc66.5 KB
Monsoon HW passbook format.pdf66.56 KB
ETI homeworker questionnaire_devd.pdf32.22 KB
ETI homeworker questionnaire_devd.doc66.5 KB
JL gathering info on HWs.pdf60.32 KB
JL communicating with HWs.pdf231.44 KB
Boden product sheet for training.pdf1.14 MB
Monsoon Ethical Sourcing Pack.pdf385.19 KB
Monsoon HW_India_presentation.pdf1.04 MB
Setting fair piece rates for homeworkers.pdf406.5 KB
ETI Homeworker Project, lessons.pdf605.19 KB
Homeworker project resource downloads

9 April 2010

Type: Tools, Guidelines & Briefings

Subject: Vulnerable workersHomeworkers


A wide range of Homeworker-related resources.