Why we exist

Millions of people around the world endure inadequate, sometimes shocking, conditions at work.

ETI exists to improve working conditions in global supply chains by developing effective approaches to implementing the ETI Base Code of labour practice.

ETI Base Code provision Because…

Slavery and bonded labour are totally unacceptable. Some 12.3 million people globally are forced to work for their employers.

Tens of thousands of workers lose their jobs every year for attempting to join a trade union or improve working conditions. Some even lose their lives.

Every day 6,000 people around the world die from work-related accidents or diseases. Most of these tragedies could be prevented.

218 million children work to support their families, missing out on education and often damaging their health. This reinforces the cycle of poverty.

3 billion of the world's poor live on less than two dollars a day. If people can't feed their families on an adult's wage, they may send their children to work.

Long working hours are the norm for most of the world's workers. This damages people's health and undermines family life.

Women and certain minorities are often confined to the lowest paid jobs with no access to training or promotion.

Most workers can be laid off when it suits the employer. This fuels poverty and insecurity and drives down wages.

Few workers have protection against physical, verbal or sexual abuse in the workplace.