Base code clause 4: Child labour shall not be used

4.1 There shall be no new recruitment of child labour.

4.2 Companies shall develop or participate in and contribute to policies and programmes which provide for the transition of any child found to be performing child labour to enable her or him to attend and remain in quality education until no longer a child; "child" and "child labour" being defined in the appendices.

4.3 Children and young persons under 18 shall not be employed at night or in hazardous conditions.

4.4 These policies and procedures shall conform to the provisions of the relevant ILO standards.

Relevant ILO conventions

C138 - Minimum Age Convention, 1973

This Convention provides that the minimum working age should not be less than the age for completing compulsory schooling and in no event less than 15 (14 in limited circumstances in less developed countries).

More rigorous standards apply in the case of hazardous work where the minimum age may not be less than 18.

Also relevant to this Convention: R146 Minimum Age Recommendation, 1973

C182 - Worst Forms of Child labour Convention 1999

This Convention calls for a proactive strategy to achieve the elimination of child slavery, forced or compulsory labour, child prostitution, pornography, drug trafficking or other work which is likely to harm the health, safety or morals of children.

Also relevant to this Convention: R190 Worst Forms of Child Labour Recommendation, 1999