Image of hospitality sector worker courtesy of Shutterstock

Five ways to stop exploiting women in high risk workforces

15 March 2018
Women workers in highly feminised labour sectors are subject to specific workplace risks, discrimination and gender related abuse and violence. This, ETI member FLEX argues, presents challenges around reach, trust and detection.
Cambodian fishers courtesy of ILO

Vulnerable employment is on the rise

1 February 2018
In 2017, over 40% of workers were estimated to be in vulnerable forms of employment. The ILO predicts that this will increase, particularly in emerging economies.
Vietnam garment factory image courtesy of ILO/Aaron Santos

The Leadership Series: Where business meets human rights

29 January 2018
In this introduction to our 20th Anniversary series of opinion pieces, The Leadership Series, ETI's Chair Philip Chamberlain reflects on some of the business and human rights issues that will be a key part of the ethical trade agenda in 2018 and beyond.