Identifying high performance collaboration between buyers and suppliers

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We and the ILO want to hear about purchasing practices from company buyers. Do you think you unfairly get a bad press? What about the pressures you face to get the best possible deal for your company? And are you asked to consider the workers who produce the lines your company sells? How do you take their needs into account?

Our buyers’ survey is here and will take 30-45 minutes to complete. It is also anonymous and any responses will be treated as such.

Last year, the ILO and the Ethical Trading Initiatives of Denmark, Norway and the UK, supported by Sedex, surveyed nearly 1,500 suppliers in more than 80 countries.

That poll told us a lot about suppliers' views of brand purchasing practices as we blogged about here.

But suppliers’ views can only ever make up part of the story. You, the buyers, are just as important.

It’s why - with the support of BSCI-Amfori and Sedex - we and the ILO are now aiming to complement our initial findings with the views and experience of buyers.

We believe this is critical to understanding the whole picture of the relationship between purchasing practices and their potential and actual effects on working conditions.

The survey

If you are a Buying Director, a Buyer – either senior or junior – or hold a position where purchasing or sourcing is one of your key responsibilities we want to hear you.

Or, if you are an Ethical Trade, Sustainability or CSR manager we’d appreciate it if you can inform your colleagues in Buying.

So why should buyers take the time to answer this survey/questionnaire? Here’s three key reasons:

  • This is the first survey of its kind and will be significant in contributing to the international debate on how purchasing practices can be improved – and to ensure that they do not contribute to any negative impacts on workers and human rights.
  • Suppliers have already shared their opinions. We think it is critical that Buyers share yours too, the challenges you face, and how you think purchasing practices can be improved.
  • For ETI members, your company can include participation in this survey as evidence that the company is working on this important topic and it will therefore be rewarded in ETI reporting process.

We will be happy to share the final report and related data with all participants.

Go on, set aside the time and complete our survey/questionnaire.

You know it makes sense.

Complete the survey here


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