Our team


Peter McAllister
Executive Director
External relations, policy development, leadership and management


Angela Byer
Senior HR Advisor
HR, company secretary
Kate Solomeyina
Finance Officer
Finance and accounting
Louise Joseph
Head of Operations
Office management

External relations

Alan Sadler
Digital Marketing & Communications Manager
Digital, marketing, events
Laura Keely
Head of External Relations
External relations, fundraising
Tom Phillips
Media and Communications Manager
Media, communications

Membership services

Alicia Grunert
Senior Advisor, Accountability
Accountability lead
Amelia Glynn
Business Advisor
Advisor to ETI corporate members
Amy Jackson
Head of Membership Services
Overseeing membership services, accountability and recruitment
Bansari Somani
Membership Services Manager
Senior advisor to ETI corporate members
Eliza Ward
Senior Advisor: Business Development
Advisor to prospective and current ETI corporate members
Grace Johnson
Membership Services Officer
Support to members
Luca Ponzetta
Training Manager
Delivery of ETI's training programme
Mye Kallander
Training coordinator
Coordination of ETI's training programme

Modern slavery

Cindy Berman
Head of Modern Slavery Strategy
Modern slavery strategy

Practice, evidence & learning

Alessa Rigal
Assistant Category Leader – Food & Farming
Programme management
Ben Rutledge
Senior Advisor on UNGPs on Business and Human Rights
Application of the UNGPs to workers’ rights
Beverley Hall
Senior Industrial Relations Advisor
Industrial relations, freedom of association, collective bargaining
Debbie Coulter
Acting Head of Practice, Evidence & Learning
Knowledge strategy, UNGP implementation, policy & advocacy
Eshan Chan
Programme Support Officer
Programme support
Hannah Bruce
Acting Head of Programmes
Programme strategy, leadership
Jamil Ansar
Country Manager Bangladesh
Martin Buttle
Category Leader - Apparel & Textiles
Apparel, textiles
Nick Kightley
Category Leader - Food and Farming
Agriculture, horticulture, seafood
Rana Alok Singh
Regional Lead, South Asia
Sandra Martinsone
International Policy and Advocacy Advisor
Advocacy strategy, policy
Yun Gao
China representative

Trade union & NGO Co-ordinators

Peter Williams
NGO Co-ordinator