How to apply

ETI fee calculator

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ETI member companies pay an annual fee based on their turnover. Enter your company's annual turnover above to calculate your fee. There is a one-off fee to make an application for ETI membership of £900 (inc VAT).

Talk to us before applying

If you are thinking about joining ETI, we strongly advise you to talk to us first, so you can find out more about what membership involves, and so we can assess whether you are ready to sign up to ETI's membership commitments. Contact our Senior Business Advisor, Eliza Ward on +44(0)20 7841 4350.

If we mutually agree that your company is sufficiently committed to implementing the ETI Base Code and can allocate adequate human and financial resources to ethical trade, we will invite you to complete our application for companies.

Application process

  1. Read about ETI - browse this site thoroughly, download our brochure
  2. Call Membership Services to discuss your application
  3. Submit a draft application by the next application deadline
  4. Your draft application is reviewed by the NGO and Trade union members of ETI
  5. Supply any further information requested
  6. Your application is sent to ETI Board members for consideration
  7. ETI Head of Membership Services presents your application at ETI's Board meeting
  8. Board decision is confirmed to the applicant

Please note the process takes 9 weeks from the submission of your draft application.


The annual membership fee for large NGOs is £5,000. Smaller NGOs - who make up the majority of ETI's NGO members - do not pay a membership fee and can apply to ETI for funding to help them cover the costs of their participation in ETI activities.

Applications are considered by the NGO Caucus at their quarterly meetings. If you are interested in membership, you are welcome to attend two caucus meetings before making a final decision.

Contact ETI's NGO co-ordinator, Peter Williams, to find out whether membership would be appropriate for your organisation and what it would involve.

Trade unions

Trade union organisations do not pay a fee for their membership of ETI.

If your trade union is a member of any of the following organisations, then you are already a trade union member and are welcome to get involved in ETI's work:

  • IndustriALL Global Union
  • IUF (uniting food, farm and hotel workers worldwide)
  • The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
  • The Trades Union Congress in the UK

Contact Jenny Luck, ETI Trade Union Coordinator, to get more information about trade union activities within ETI. For example, if your union is not affiliated to any of the above, if you want to attend one of the quarterly trade union caucus meetings, or if you want to know more about raising an issue with ETI.