Fyffes’ suspension from ETI: December 2017 statement

The following statement should be read in conjunction with our previous updates. Follow this link.

6 February 2018 statement update: In recognition of the short period of time between ETI's two most recent board meetings in November 2017 and January 2018, the board agreed that Fyffes' suspension should remain in force while noting that discussions are ongoing between relevant parties.

ETI's management consulted with relevant parties in the lead up to our board meeting of 23rd November.

It was noted that there have been discussions between relevant parties. In addition, Fyffes reported a number of new CSR activities. However, ETI was concerned that there was still not a clear process in place that involved workers’ representatives and employers that could address the underlying dispute.

The ETI Board consequently decided to maintain Fyffes’ suspension while recognising that positive engagement has taken place and acknowledging that in entrenched disputes it can take time to build meaningful dialogue.

ETI’ Executive Director Peter McAllister said: “Creating an environment for normal industrial relations is in the interests of all concerned. ETI therefore encourages all parties to continue their discussions and ensure meaningful negotiation between the workers’ union and management.”

The decision will be revisited at ETI’s next board meeting in January 2018 to further assess progress.


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